5 Types Of Pipe And Drain Lining Services Explained

The sewer pipe lining helps in repairing cracks from the old pipes without replacing the whole system. You need to consider drain lining if it has any leakage in your drainage system. Otherwise, it may cost you more in the future. However, the expert can tell you best whether you need a new one or the existing pipe can work for you. There are five main types of sewer pipe or drain lining available in the market. It would help if you wisely choose your option from them. Here five types are explained in detail so that you can pick one from here.

1.         Pull In Place

This type of lining technology worked best for significant gaps and cracked pipes. The material used here is saturated epoxy liner onto the line using heat. To pass the liner, the tube needs two points. One point is for inserting the liner and the second one is for making the pipe out.

2.         Internal Pipe Coating

The professionals take help of internal pipe coating to fix the leak issue in the old pipe. First, you should drain the line and then make it dry. Once it is dried, epoxy coating is sprayed inside the tube to seal leaks and cracks in the pipe. This technique is used every day in commercial and residential areas as it does not involve breaking any walls or floors to get access to the drain pipe.

3.         Cured In Place Lining

The Cured In Place Lining works best for trenchless relining. This process of drain lining involves inserting a saturated felt tube with resin into the pipe. This tube can be made of fiberglass, cloth, or any other material. After that, the line of pitch fibre drains is cured using the heat of sir or water to make a tight seal there.

4.         Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting works great for extensively damaged pipe or damage in a large section of the sewer line. The process takes two pitches at their end for repairing. In this process, an expander head is introduced in an old pipe. It can be moved through the damaged sewer lines to break the origin of many small pieces. The traditional method of replacing old sewer lines takes time, whereas this trenches method is done within the minimum period.

5.         Sliplining

Sliplining helps in repairing leaks or any structural disability of existing pipelines. It installs a small career pipe on a host pipe. Through the process, it grouts the annual space of two pipes in a pitch fibre drains. It uses polyethylene pipe or PVC for making the task.

Final Word

Pipelining technologies are used to give your pipe a long life. You can get the drain, as mentioned earlier, lining services from us. We are here for your entire drain pipe lining needs. Give us a call today to know which process can benefit you. We offer all these drain lining services at an affordable price range. Hope, this offer will be a great deal for you. Without any hesitation, give us a call today. We are waiting for your phone call.