How to choose the right online flower delivery

While there are many ways to send flowers, it is not always easy to find the right online florist, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We suggest you identify the best florist, or rather the one that will best suit you for flower delivery at your convenience.

Which florist to choose in 2022?

With the spread of the Internet, giving flowers has become a simple task: a few clicks are enough to choose a bouquet of flowers, order it and have it delivered to the lucky person, even if you live a few hundred or even a thousand kilometers away. So, if buying flowers online is relatively simple, choosing the best florist is not so obvious and depends on personal criteria.

When choosing your florist, you will be confronted with a lot of choices according to your expectations: the place of delivery of your bouquet of flowers, your budget, your desires, the promotional offers of the moment, the event in question, the amount of the expenses of delivery, the delays of this one, the reachability of the florist and many other criteria.

You will also not choose the same florist depending on whether you want to send plants or flowers, or if you want to offer an accessory gift, whether it is chocolates, a bottle, or a small creative gift as offered by several flowers sending sites. We suggest that you reach out to online stores like Moyses Stevens, the offers chocolate and champagne services in addition to same day delivery in London and next day delivery in the UK.

Finally, some florists are committed to ethical and sustainable approaches that we think are important to note when choosing your florist. Local flower production: customer services based in the UK to answer your questions, local florists rather than central purchasing agencies: discover all these criteria that will allow you to choose not the best florist, but the one that suits you best.


Florist Delivery Costs

Offering flowers, the delivery costs can represent a significant part of the final price of your bouquet, it is, therefore, a factor that is closely studied by many customers. The cost of these fees is often correlated with the delivery time because of course the closer it is to the delivery date, the higher the price will be. Delivery on the day of the event in less than 4 hours will not have the same cost as a flower delivery a week in advance.


What is the best florist site to send flowers?

Regardless of customer reviews of florists, determining the best 2022 flower delivery site can only be done based on your delivery criteria and the expected quality of the service. Like we said earlier, from our experience and hundreds of orders from Moyses Stevens, we highly recommend this website, not only the same day and next day delivery is tempting, but also their well-designed bouquets are elegant and classy.