What Are Some Things To Avoid Getting Account Suspension As A Seller?

Every company has its basic rules and regulations regarding its user policies. The law differs according to the company and its strictness to follow them. While using its services and taking it easy, one mistake can get your Amazon account suspended on the website. In some conditions, the seller can also get their account permanently closed. Here are some reasons which can lead to your account being broken.

  • Delivery Issues
  • Customer Reviews Are Bad
  • Continous Cancellation Of Orders
  • Selling Fake Products
  • Selling Authentic Products Illegally

How To Get Your Account Back?

Amazon functions with very strict rules and regulations, and ignorance towards them can lead to account suspension. To apply for an amazon suspension appeal, one needs to know the complete procedure and the steps involved. These are the following steps that one needs to consider before applying for an application.

Steps To Apply For Account Activation Appeal

Open the Amazon app, click on seller central and then click on account health. There at the bottom, you’ll see an option for reactivating your account, and after clicking on it, it will come up with an application to fill. Later it will ask you to submit your documents for verification. Further, there is a different step to apply an appeal for listing approval. It comes in the central seller option, where click on performance and then account health. It will give you multiple issues choose from; choose one accordingly. Just follow the instructions for a smoother process. They will notify through the mail only, so be active there.

How To Save Your Account From Getting Suspended?

One can consider the following points to avoid getting your amazon account suspended.

·        Know The Principles

The seller must follow the guideline issues by amazon to maintain balance in the industry. So it is a must for the seller to follow these rules and regulations. Before you sell any stuff, there is a guideline provided by amazon, so read it thoroughly before. The company asks its workers and partners to function with faith, trust, and high standards, so it will be good to keep these in check. If you are applying for an amazon suspension appeal, you need to check the statistics of your performance in delivery and services.

·        Improve Your Performance

Amazon asks you to maintain an optimum level of performance, and if it’s not fulfilled, it will lead to your account suspension. It is better to provide good services to your customers to get to that performance level. The three significant factors that decide the performance statistics are defect rate, delivery, and time of shipment.

·        Communication Skills

The primary problem customer’s face is a lack of communication from the sellers if a seller is communicative with the delivery partner and to customer reviews and questions that can increase his performance. Replying to the customer’s queries and issues via amazon review appears to be very alert and can increase your performance points.