What Are The Benefits Of Getting A CCTV Drain Survey Done?

The procedures of technologies involved with drain survey such as digital cameras, remote crawlers, live video recording have improved the survey process. The CCTV survey is the most trusted and reliable way to monitor pipes and inspect the condition of drains.

What Is A CCTV Survey?

It is a process by which the engineer examines the conditions of pipes, checks for any blockages with the help of technologies such as cameras, crawlers, etc. The engineer sends the rod with a camera inside the line during the survey and gets the live video recording.

What Are The Common Issues With Drainage Pipes?

The London CCTV drain survey is the most common tool used in the cleaning of drains. It is used to check the condition of pipes and to see the issue regarding the blockage. The company of survey offers the services of drain cleaning and reviews of drains. It helps you identify any issues involved with the pipes. The survey company enables you to recognize any animal intrusion. The survey will help you identify the following points.

  • Failed Sewer Lines
  • Tree Root Infestation
  • Drain Blockages
  • Damaged And Collapsed Pipes
  • Corrosive Drains

The Equipment Related To Drain Survey

The tools and equipment used are highly professional, which will help you identify any issues with pipes.

1. Waterproof Cameras

The cameras used in the survey are high-tech with the water-resistant feature, which the engineer can easily send in the drains. The operators can use it in utmost conditions where the operators can’t access it.

2. Remote Controlled Crawlers

The London CCTV drain survey operators use crawlers, which will help them get access to the pipes. The crawlers act as a supporter for the camera, as the camera gets mounted on the top of it.

3. Rods

The essential function of rods is to help adjust cameras and send them into the lines. The rods used are flexible and can be molded according to the shape and size of the drains.

4. Sonar Units

Sonar units are preferred for places when the camera can’t reach inside because of the filled pipes. In situations like filled pipes, or unstable pipes, sonar units are helpful.

The Process Of Drain Survey

The first step is to find a good survey company that will cater to all your needs. Then the company will send the operative staff to check the condition of the pipes. They come with all the necessary equipment used for drainage cleaning. The engineer will then send the camera inside the drains to get a look at drainage pipes. The camera will help and provide a good view of the drains by sending real-time video and images. The CCTV drain survey company has the best engineers lined up for all your needs with high-tech tools. After seeing the condition of the pipes, the engineer will give out feedback and ask you to take the necessary actions. The engineer primarily suggests cleaning out the drains or changing the lines.